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Patricia Kerrigan Buys got her start as a wildlife photographer now decades ago, while encountering a bull moose on a hillside near Oxbow Bend, in Grand Teton National Park. Exhilarated by a close encounter with a massive animal that carried his over-sized antlers like a king wears his crown, Pat knew then that the rest of her life would include the pursuit of capturing such majesty to relive the thrill of observing wildlife within their natural habitat.

Mesmerized by bears, Pat has traversed river banks and streams throughout Alaska and British Columbia to capture Black Bears and Grizzly Bears doing what bears do: digging for clams, fishing for salmon, protecting offspring, and often, fighting for rank for breeding rights. She has had the privilege of observing Polar Bears wandering the coast line of Hudson Bay, in Manitoba, Canada, while searching for seals and all things edible.

In Africa, Pat’s camera focuses on wild game that burst from the bush, roam the plains, occupy the rivers, and graze in open fields. Her photos capture the wide variety of species sustained by a place on Earth that feels more like another planet than continent. Africa offers an unparalleled wildlife experience against a backdrop of unsurpassed sunrises and sunsets that punctuate the beginning and ending to days and nights spent in awe.

A fan of all National Parks, Pat thoroughly enjoys a quick trip to the mountains whether near or far to encounter Rocky Mountain Elk, Mule Deer, White-tail Deer, Fox, Coyote, and other four-legged, fur-bearing animals.

Sometimes, family photos, maternity shots, senior portraits and business headshots take center stage.

Marty Buys, an emerging Videographer, serves as Pat's Wing Man.  Together, they capture images that continue to remind them of the extraordinary sights and sounds they have experienced on planet Earth.